So much more than a Sales Rep App

Customisable, easy to use, handles all variants, and works anywhere - Sourcewiz app is designed to provide the ideal experience for sales teams

Taking an order made as easy as placing one

Sourcewiz’s order-taking module combines some of the best features of ecommerce apps with endless customisation options. Your products come in all shapes and sizes, so why should your order taking be so square?!

Typo-tolerant search and customizable filters

Searching through your inventory has never been simpler. 

See all product variants and price lists without additional steps

See all information about each product within the same screen

Create and edit quotes and orders with ease

Auto-fill details, manage multiple shipping addresses and give discounts

Convert a quote to an order with just one click

As simple as that! One button click turns your quotes into orders 

Take re-orders faster than ever before

See all previous purchases in one click, add to cart and close

Make better decisions with up-to date information

Orders placed outside our app are synced through integrations

WizAI: Closing deals is now faster and better

The first and only in the market, our WizAI is our proprietary recommendation engine. It trains itself on your purchase history and signals like customer interactions to provide buyer and product recommendations within the app.

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Proactively sell to “hot” buyers at the right time

Find out which buyers are most likely to close each month

Receive product recommendations in app

Discover product recommendations personalised to each buyer

Check out items frequently bought together

Increase cart value by recommending items bought together

Find similar products in one click

Close every deal by finding similar products that fit your buyer’s requirements

Working with your current system ofcourse!

A good piece of tech, above all, plays well with other tech you use. Sourcewiz offers integrations with all major ERPs, CRMs and even your website. Unlock revenue potential from different sources minus the hassle of db management.

Get data from website drop offs within the app


Look up tracking/shipment info in a few clicks


Check all buyer details within a single screen

Sourcewiz is so much better in action. Why don’t you check it out?